Save potential customers from slipping away from your Slack app.

One in three people who install your app will never use it—that's a lot! They're either not ready or don't know how. We help you re-engage your chat users with custom marketing campaigns.

Beautiful Toucan

What is GoodBanana?

It's a user-focused, API-driven drip marketing campaign platform for chat applications.

GoodBanana Campaign

How does it work?

GoodBanana schedules smart message campaigns based on rules and goals.

  1. Register and setup a campaign on
  2. Add code to your existing application that sends events to the GoodBanana API based on what you want to track about users.
  3. Add code to your existing application that will receive message data from GoodBanana.
  4. Add rules, goals, and messages to your campaign.
  5. GoodBanana will start POSTing message data to your webhook.
  6. After a campaign message sends, see the effectiveness of each message to acheive your goal.